She Exhaled CBD Oil Infused Candles

What is the purpose of CBD candles?

Soy CBD aromatherapy candles can be used in a variety of
ways and have many benefits that vary depending on what they are infused with, essential oils or fragrance oils.

Potential Benefits of CBD Candles:

·  Stress Relief
·  Anxiety Relief
·  Reduced Inflammation
·  Sleep Promotion
·  Balanced Hormones
·  Mood Uplift
·  Energy Boost
·  Mental Clarity
·  Increased Concentration
·  Neuroprotection
·  Cold Relief

How Do CBD Candles Work?

CBD Candles work very similarly to how essential oils work. Combustion of the wax infused with CBD and scents allows the molecules to become lighter than area and disperse within the air. As the aromas pass through our nasal passages, cannabinoid receptors present in copious quantities within, bind and interact with the CBD molecules signaling to our Endocannabinoid system to increase internal regulation of our mood, stress levels, inflammation, and pain.

Are CBD Candles Good for You?

Our team has made it our mission to provide the safest, all-natural CBD candles with optimal CBD ratios to help support your mind, body, and boost your immune system. Each product is triple tested before it ever makes it to you by FDA accredited laboratories who check for purity, potency, pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals. Every CBD candle we make is formulated with 100mg of CBD PER OUNCE OF WAX for optimal relief of stress, anxiety, and restlessness.

CBD Candles That Fit YOUR Lifestyle

Whether you are work from home, go to school, take care of the family or deal with daily pain, stress, or another imbalance, you can choose the best CBD candles for you based your unique physiology and lifestyle. We have CBD candles infused with our signature essential oil blends designed to target specific benefits and many infused with luxurious fragrances to bring the summer, fall, winter and spring into your home. Stay tuned for new fragrances!